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Chen Style Tai Chi Curriculum
1. Ba Fa Eight Methods 4. Straight Sword
2. 38 Frame Form 5. Broadsword
3. American Competition Form 6. Lao Jia Yi Lu

Health Benefits of Chen Style Tai Chi

  • Promotes Health/FitnessMaster King Lam

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Relieves Neck/Back Pain

  • Corrects Digestive Problems

  • Discover Internal Energy

  • Improve Cardiovascular Function

  • Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

  • Improve Emotional & Psychological Well-Being

  • Self Improvement

  • Improves Arthritic Conditions and Similar Chronic Diseases

  • Reduces the Rate of Osteoporosis in Elderly and Menopausal Practitioners

  • Improves Balance and Reduces Accidental Falls

  • Confidence

  • Stress Relief

  • Weight Loss
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