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Welcome to King Lam’s Tamashii Karate and Tai Chi Center.
We are located at 8132 Willow St. in the Uptown area of New Orleans near Tulane University. We have been proudly serving the New Orleans community since 1983. Tamashii is the Japanese word for Spirit or Heart. It’s our goal to improve your mind, body, and spirit by way of the martial arts so you can excel in all endeavors of life.

Master King Lam

Chen Style Tai Chi is the origin of all other forms of Tai Chi. It is a Chinese art for health, meditation and self defense which dates back hundreds of years. The movements are graceful, the tempo is slow and the benefits are endless. It is the only form of movement exercise in which a person should not use outward strength or force in their movements. Improvement depends on inner awareness not outer strength or force in their movements. Tai Chi develops both the mind and the body. It embodies a philosophy that not only promotes health, but also can be applied to every aspect of daily life.

Master King Lam

Our basic program is Shotokan Karate. It is a traditional Japanese martial art with emphasis on building strong body mechanics and body motion. We blend in Chinese Kenpo self defense techniques and Jeet Kune Do concepts to add a modern approach to our personal safety classes. The weapon system we teach is the Filipino art of Kali or stick fighting and knife techniques. Men and women enjoy taking the classes because it’s a great way to get in shape, tone muscles and burn fat while learning to defend themselves in any situation. One of the things our students tell us they appreciate most about our school is how we prepare them for nearly any life-threatening situation. That’s because everything that we teach in our self-defense program is reality based.

Childrens Tamashii Karate Class

Our Children’s program offers basic values that every parent wants their child to have such as proper respect, positive attitude, courage, motivation, achievement, perseverance, humility and responsibility. Children love our Karate program because it’s fun and it helps them work toward goals, builds self-esteem, and teaches self discipline that they can use in school and in their daily life. Our highly trained instructors teach your children in a safe, supervised atmosphere that makes learning fun. Try our program and give your child the advantage of a lifetime.

“Those who have health, have Hope; and those who have hope have Everything.”

“Life is not merely being alive, but being Well.”

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King Lam’s
Tamashii Karate and Tai Chi Center
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